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Have you ever wanted to have a place to socialize, meet new avatars from several grids, advertise your In-World services products, blog, join and create forums, and just have fun via a social media network?

Look no further!  Avatar Hookup is the place to be! 

You can write on your wall, view your friends’ walls, share pictures, videos, gifts and more!

Avatar Hookup is Facebook-type social network for Avatars!  Your account will not be deleted because you are not going by your RL name. In fact, Avatar Hookup encourages you create to a username that reflects your In-World Avatars.  Your RL name will be hidden from other members!

So you get the functionality of a Facebook-type network without the hassle!

One thing to know, however, is that Avatar Hookup requires its members to follow its Terms of Use and not to upload any illegal or sexually explicit media, including comments. They also ask its members to be friendly and courteous towards others. But hey! That’s not too much to ask of a cooperative and thriving community!

Sign up for Avatar Hookup today!

Here’s the website:


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