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Interviews with prominent members of the virtual worlds.

No Trouble with Trouble


One of my missions in virtual worlds is to learn more about others and their motivations for residing In-World. I was recently introduced to an intriguing and creative avatar named Trouble Morgan. Trouble was kind enough to spend time answering some of my interview questions, and now I would like to share her In-World experiences with you.

Welcome Trouble Morgan!

Trouble was introduced to virtual living in 2006 when she joined the Second Life community.  At the time, she did not find Second Life interesting, but as the platform advanced, she became more and more active.  By 2008, she was hooked.  In Second Life, she enjoyed landscaping and hanging out with friends.
Trouble made the switch to InWroldz on July 23, 2013.  The reason for her move to InWorldz was, “I had enough of bad service from linden lab (crashes, you name it) for too much money.” Also, she says she has seen things changing In SL in the community. Trouble stated, “I have seen SL changing in a place where making money is number one and it spoils creativity,. It’s also a place very oriented on virtual sex or dating.”
When asked which grid was her favorite, Ms. Morgan answered, “I like InWorldz most for its different social culture and different population. Lots of creativity here, who use the virtual environment like it is meant to be: a self made visualization of personal fantasies and sharing joy with others.”
Trouble does not have a “job” per se in InWorldz or in Second Life. But she does own a sim called Black Panther. In Black Panther one can enjoy a gypsy camp, a village for tinies, and you can also participate in gunboat battles and treasure hunts. She has places available for rent as well, so you can actually live there! So if you enjoy pirates and the great outdoors, check out the Black Panther sim in InWorldz.
Trouble is a teacher from Holland, and she owns a business in coaching pupils who need special care. She also has interests in virtual worlds, creating websites, writing, and communication. She is independent and a self made woman. When asked how her virtual life affects her RL (real life), Morgan told me that her relationships in-world do not differ greatly from her relationships in RL.  She cares a lot about her friends and she is loyal to them. At the same time, however, she understands that people come and go in virtual worlds for many reasons, so she tries not to get too emotionally involved. She also does not allow her VL (virtual life) to interfere with her RL. Her point was clear when she said, “Virtual worlds are great, but can also be dangerous when people are emotionally not in balance, or if they see this as a substitute for things they miss in real life. It’s a relatively new phenomenon, this virtual social community, and I see lots of people suffering / struggling with their identity, and drowning into this world, ignoring things in RL. In IW, I meet people who are more open about their RL…and more genuine in behavior, and friendly and helpful.”
On a more lighthearted note, Trouble told me about a strange marriage she supposedly had in Second Life. Chuckling, she said, “I met a guy in SL called Henry Morgan (grins), who mad up a roleplay story about me on a pirate sim. He told the community members he married me while I was drunk, and I forgot the whole thing when waking up sober. This was a fun story, and we had a really good time in SL. We became great friends in roleplay and in real life. Finally he followed me to Inworldz.  When asked if she was actually virtually married (yes it’s possible), she answered, “LOL, well, I don’t know if that really happened, for I was drunk when Henry married me, and he could have made the whole story up. But I’m still looking for witnesses. ”
Lol!  What a great story!  According to Morgan, participating in roleplay brings her great joy and adventures, like being in her own movie where she is the director and decor builder. She claims it’s AMAZING!
If you would like to check out Trobule Morgan’s sim “Black Panther,” search for it in your map via your browser. There is a thriving community that keeps growing and developing for you to enjoy.

Thanks for your time and interest. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s interview with Trouble Morgan.

If you would like to be interviewed, please contact Xandria Winterwolf in InWorldz or Second Life.

Are you new to Virtual Living?  Would you like to join Second Life or InWorldz?  Here are the websites to get you started:



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Interview with an Artist


A few days ago I met an exuberant and charming lady named Modee Parlez. Her charisma was contagious, and her passion for life shown like a bright light for all to see. Because of my respect and admiration for this lady, I wanted to present her to you.
Modee Parlez resides in InWorldz and Second Life. We met in her art gallery in InWorldz, where she sells and displays her paintings, drawings, and other pieces of art. After touring her gallery, I asked if she would be willing to participate in an interview. To my pleasure, she agreed.

Please welcome Modee Parlez!

When asked how long Modee has been in InWorldz, she informed me her Rez date (like a birthday) is July 29, 2013. She currently resides in both InWorldz and Second Life. She has concurrent friends in both grids and is married with the same partner in IW and SL.

When asked about work, Modee said, “I am a designer in fashion, but these worlds give me the opportunity to complete new kinds of designs. I make flags, ships, artwork, and so much more.”

When asked why she visits virtual worlds, she answered, “Well, I create and build. So I’m a busy bee. I’m a bit of a perfectionist too. My builds have to be stellar or they find their way into the dustbin. Therefore, I try to make objects as real as possible, and that is what keeps me busy every minute.” Modee took a moment to smile. “Everyone who knows me know this, and I drive them crazy sometimes with my chatter about it. My perfectionism carries over from my RL job where the highest quality is demanded!” Wishing to make another point, Modee added, “But I enjoy socializing as well, and I want to help the nautical scene to grow.”
Intrigued by the idea of boating on the beautiful virtual waters of InWorldz and Second Life, I asked Modee to explain further about her activities in the nautical scene. Modee told me all about how she started and got hooked by saying, “Well, I was invited by a friend who told me the creativity in InWorldz is celebrated and not a money chasing matter as in SL. When I came to InWorldz, I met a lot of friends I knew in Second Life too! And even more surprising, there was finally Sailing here in IW! But when I looked around I was a bit disappointed in the creation of more 1800 period ships like I knew in SL. Yes, I am part of the Continental navy in SL.” Modee smiled modestly before continuing, “So I decided to give it a try myself and build a boat. Thanks to a lot of helping hands, we even got it sailing!” Modee gestured with a smile before continuing to explain, “So that is the nautical part. We have a lot of seas in IW open for sailing, unlike SL where all is cluttered up because of money gain. Now the RP 1800th’s Pirate/Navy community is growing, and I was even asked to teach sailing classes in the ‘SPD battling system,’ as we call it.”
I could picture it clearly in my mind. I envisioned Modee sailing the seven seas in a ship she created and molded with her own mind. The thought made me wonder how Modee found out about living in a virtual world.
Modee explained, “Ok, well, Second Life was my first grid to visit, and all was overwhelming and so new to me. I never played like that online before, and the different sims….OMG! What I mean is…whatever you can imagine, you can find it there! It also was some kind of outlet for me. I could do things I have never done before in Real Life. Like sailing and Role Play. What was also great was the fact I was able to meet people from all over the world. I even ran into people that lived close to me.” Modee smiled and then continued, “And yes…I got addicted at some point…like most I guess.”
I couldn’t agree with Modee more. Living in a virtual world is absolutely addicting! When finishing our chat and saying goodbye, Modee said one last thing that I though was relevant and insightful. She spoke about some of the drama that takes place in Virtual Worlds and told me her motto regarding such drama. She said, “When it involves drama, we have a saying, ‘Don’t do to others what you don’t like yourself.”
Well there you have it, Modee said it all.

Be kind, be nice, and be happy!


Would you like to see Modee’s amazing collection of artwork?  Catch a ride with this SURL:


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