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Video A new social media platform for AVATARS!

A Social Media Website for Avatars is Finally Here!

Check out

Social media plays a vital role in how people live and socialize. It is a virtual platform for individuals to share thoughts, information, videos, and photos with the single click of a button. In addition, using social medial networks can reduce the huge costs of marketing and advertising. Unfortunately, several of the most popular social media websites require people to use their real-world credentials when creating memberships. Because Avatars from virtual-reality-platforms such as Second Life, InWorldz, VirtualVanguards, and Kitely often like to keep their identities private, countless avatars have had their Facebook and Google+ accounts removed for not following these networks’ Terms of Services. Therefore, not all people have the freedom to expand their following because they wish to operate under their Avatars’ identities instead of their Real-world credentials. Avatars are not considered as “real” people, and any account set up under an Avatar name risks being unexpectedly removed by many larger social media platforms. is a new social media website designed to overcome this huge obstacle. When signing up at, the only real-world information asked is one’s birthdate. This question is asked to assure the user community is above the age of 18. was created by avatars for avatars. It’s designed to cater to all the needs an Avatar might possess. offers many features used on popular networks such as the ability to write on walls, create groups, add friends, upload photos and videos, and read news feeds. In addition, it gives avatars the ability to keep all their social media information in one place with important features such as blogging, classified ads, forums, instant chat, events calendars, messaging services and more. is available to any Avatar residing in one or more of the various virtual worlds. It also includes search functions so one can find products and services for one particular grid, or many grids at the same time. Similar to other social media networks, is FREE! It is truly a one-stop social media platform for Avatars. is a needed and valuable tool for all Avatars.

For further information, please


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This is mainly for builders in InWorldz, although I’m sure there are comparable products in Second Life as well.

One of my major issues with using sculpties has been the cumbersome task of sorting and naming them. Many times, the sculpt maps I’ve purchased will be named something like “Sculpt01” or “handle12”.  It becomes a daunting task to rez every single sculpty to find the one you need.  This is especially difficult if you own more than a few hundred sculpt maps. Additionally, I have double purchased sculpt maps because I could not find what I needed when I needed it. Well…this problem shall exist no longer!

There is a solution and it’s called : zTech Sculpty Sorter

This amazing gadget allows you to put your sculpt maps into buttons (much like on a texture organizer) and the sorter will rez 25 sculpts at once in a small designated grid.  To search quickly through your sculpts, all you have to do is press an arrow button and all 25 sculpts will be changed.  When you find the one you want, you have 2 choices. you click on it and the machine will rez the sculpt for you with you as creator if you put your own prim into the gadget.  Or, you can have it deliver the sculpt map to you.  This tool is simply AMAZING!!!!   No more wasting time or purchasing the same sculpt repeatedly because you don’t have time to rez all your sculpts to see what they look like.  This gadget does all of that for you!   For builders, this is a must.

Where can you find it?  Well, in InWolrdz you can find it here:

How much does it cost?  IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!!    Also, as far as I can tell, it’s low lag. I’ve had no problem with sim performance since I rezzed it weeks ago.


The creator, Zauber Paracelsus, also has other free tools for “sale” in his vendor that are simply amazing.  By following this link, you can find the aformentioned tools for building and an AO for your avatar.  Here’s a complete list of his free products:

-zTech Texture Sorter  (sorts textures)

-Lite Rezzer  (A scene rezzer that can be used in a holodeck or however you like)

-Easy Door system  (scripts for making doors that work)

-Swift AO  (Animation Override -Low lag and works with Zhao)

-and of course  ZTech Scultpy Sorter


Builders, these tools are a must!  Go get your gadgets today! You will be happy you did.


*I am in no way affiliated with zTech or Zauber Paracelsus.  I simply love his products and want to make it easier for builders to access their sculpt maps, textures and such. I know how difficult and frustrating it can be to search for things when you’re in the middle of building. These are the tools that have helped me, and I want to share them with you.


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Finding Products in InWorldz, a daunting task

New Profile Pic

Today I logged into InWorldz to set up an online indicator in my Management office. Something I find extremely difficult in InWorldz is to find the things I need…when I need them. For this, Second Life is much better.
In Second Life, all you have to do is go to the online Marketplace located at:
There you can find anything you need. Almost every SL creator uses Marketplace, and many even have links to their “In world” stores.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for InWorldz. The online marketplace for InWorldz is known as InBiz. Here’s the website:

InBiz in theory is a fantastic idea, and it is similar to online Marketplace for SL. One major difference, however, is the money used in InWorldz and InBiz are seperated. In other words, to use the InBiz marketplace you are forced to deposit money through one of their in-world terminals. Here’s a link to one at my store so you can see what it looks like and learn how to use it:

Because it is more difficult to use, and you have to transfer money back and forth between systems, I believe people (creators and buyers) are more reluctant to use InBiz. When searching for products I desperately needed, I learned InBiz offered very few options for gadgets, hair, and almost anything I needed for a smooth and productive InWorldz experience. Therefore, I was forced to search in-world, which took hours and lots of teleporting.
I did not find an online indicator that I really liked, so I ended up getting an open source script that will work in the meantime. It does not have any bells and whistles, but until I can find something better, it will do. I find myself saying that a lot while building in InWorldz.

Anyway, later I did some shopping for clothes so I could update my profile pic and use it in my simple online indicator.
This is the pic I took.

On a side note: I love my new outfits! I found a store called “JC Designs.”
JC Designs is simply AMAZING! The creator really knows how to use mesh and has a very sophisticated, classy, and modern line of clothing. It’s simply wonderful.
If you decide to try it out, here’s the SURL: (or IWURL) lol!
In other words, here’s your ride! €:~)

I highly recommend them.

Oh..Update…I did find some pretty good shoes on the InBiz marketplace. It seems that shoe creators are on the right track and making their products widely available.

I use InBiz for my own products and find it very easy to use. It’s simple to transfer my money back and forth between IW and IB. I personally do not have a problem or fear of doing such. I understand those that are not used to it may be hesitant, however.

If you know an easier way to shop in InWorldz, please let me know! We need some serious help over here.

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