Video A new social media platform for AVATARS!

A Social Media Website for Avatars is Finally Here!

Check out

Social media plays a vital role in how people live and socialize. It is a virtual platform for individuals to share thoughts, information, videos, and photos with the single click of a button. In addition, using social medial networks can reduce the huge costs of marketing and advertising. Unfortunately, several of the most popular social media websites require people to use their real-world credentials when creating memberships. Because Avatars from virtual-reality-platforms such as Second Life, InWorldz, VirtualVanguards, and Kitely often like to keep their identities private, countless avatars have had their Facebook and Google+ accounts removed for not following these networks’ Terms of Services. Therefore, not all people have the freedom to expand their following because they wish to operate under their Avatars’ identities instead of their Real-world credentials. Avatars are not considered as “real” people, and any account set up under an Avatar name risks being unexpectedly removed by many larger social media platforms. is a new social media website designed to overcome this huge obstacle. When signing up at, the only real-world information asked is one’s birthdate. This question is asked to assure the user community is above the age of 18. was created by avatars for avatars. It’s designed to cater to all the needs an Avatar might possess. offers many features used on popular networks such as the ability to write on walls, create groups, add friends, upload photos and videos, and read news feeds. In addition, it gives avatars the ability to keep all their social media information in one place with important features such as blogging, classified ads, forums, instant chat, events calendars, messaging services and more. is available to any Avatar residing in one or more of the various virtual worlds. It also includes search functions so one can find products and services for one particular grid, or many grids at the same time. Similar to other social media networks, is FREE! It is truly a one-stop social media platform for Avatars. is a needed and valuable tool for all Avatars.

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Virtual Voyages: Handy’s scripts systems for builders in Second Life, InWorldz, and across the Hypergrid

Handy Low is a citizen of the Virtual World. He is a scripter that makes life easier and more functional for all kinds of builders. He creates script systems for doors, fires, fountains, smoke, and more. In this video, you will learn Handy’s views on the various virtual grids and you will see demonstrations of a few products he sells.

Here’s the IWURL (aka SURL) of Handy’s store in InWorldz:


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Scripted Jacuzzi / Bathtub in InWorldz with movable water and easy setup

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I find it extremely difficult to find the products I need in InWorldz. Also, things are much different in InWorldz in regards to scripting and physics, so functions I take for granted in Second Life must be overcome in InWorldz.
For example, I looked for scripts I could use to build a jacuzzi or a bath tub. I found some open source scripts and played around with them for a while. They worked, but their usability and functionality were dismal at best. Every time I wanted to move my tub, the water prim would disappear, and I would have to rez a new one. Also, for each sink or tub I wanted on my land, I had to change the channels in all the scripts to match that particular tub or sink.
I was in the middle of building a 10 unit apartment building. I’m sure you can imagine the hassle these scripts denoted. 10 units = 10 bathtubs and 10 sinks. time 5 scripts per tub or sink. Talk about Lag!!!
Not only was the thought daunting to have to set the channels for each individual script in each bathtub and sink, but after I packaged the build to sell, my customers would have problems if they rezzed the build and wanted to move the building because all the water prims would disappear!
Also, all those listener scripts may cause system resource problems.
So I felt I was forced to come up with a solution.

As with the elevator, Wise Systems stepped in and saved the day! Yay for Wise Systems!! Hip Hip Hooray!

The water system now works perfectly. The water is linkable to the main prim. The water never disappears. I do not have to change channels in any scripts. In fact, there is only ONE script!!! Amazing huh? This is a very low lag system that works…AND…it’s freakin’ easy to use!!

It comes with sounds and everything needed to create a working and realistic bathtub, sink, hot tub, or jacuzzi.

If you would like to see the working version, or if you would you like to purchase this system for your own builds, ride the link below!

Oh…as for the video, you will see when I copy the tub, my animations engine chats in local. That has nothing to do with the tub or the water script. It is an animation engine I have inside the tub and is a totally separate option.

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Working Elevator in InWorldz

**Note about video sound: I accidentally recorded the clip from my external speakers. The sound is much better when In-World.

If you are a builder in InWorldz, you know how difficult it can be to find an elevator that looks and feels like the real thing. After searching for hours and speaking with numerous scriptors, I decided it was next to impossible to find an elevator that worked like I wanted it to in InWorldz. Of course I found a few elevators that were somewhat decent, but usually you had to sit on them to make them work. Finally, instead of wasting more time searching, I decided to build my own.
I gathered some scripts together from open source and tried to make it work, but all my attempts failed. InWorldz does not have the same physics engine that Second Life has, so my projects kept glitching out. Finally, I decided to hire a scriptor named Wise Systems. With his help, we co-created an elevator that looks, feels, and acts like the real thing.
We made the elevator non-physical, which reduces lag. Also, as you are riding the elevator, a number display and a ‘ding’ alerts you to the floor you are passing. When you reach the appropriate floor, doors automatically open with realistic sounds.
I am soooo happy with my new elevator! I have placed four around my sim because they can be used independently of each other without cross talk or interference. I ride at least one of my elevators each time I visit my sim because they are so much fun! hahaha!
What can I say? I’m an elevator fanatic.

This is a demonstration video of a working elevator in InWorldz.
If you would like to ride the elevator or purchase one of these *full perm elevators for your own builds, please visit my store located at Winterwolf Estates.

Here’s your ride:

*Scripts are no mod

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